Sriwijaya International Seminar on Energy-Environmental Science and Technology

SISEEST is the regular seminar held by Sriwijaya University focuses on valorization of energy and environmental science and technology. Sriwijaya University is located in South Sumatera Province that has been declared by Indonesian Government as one of the Nation’s Energy Resources due to its abundance energy resources. South Sumatera is rich in fossil oil, natural gases, coal as well as renewable sources such as palm oil, geothermal, and hydro power. SISEEST is aimed to create platforms for optimal utilization of the natural resources in South Sumatera and Indonesia.

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Vol 1, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Preparation and Characterization NiMo/Zeolite Catalyst using Microwave Polyol Process Method for Synthesizing Renewable Diesel from Jathropa Oil PDF
Bambang Heru Susanto 1-7
The Use of a Jet Column with Different Nozzles as a Reactor for Biodiesel Reaction with Crude Palm Oil as Feedstock PDF
Dijan Supramono 8-15
The Application of Biodiesel as an Environmental Friendly Drilling Fluid to Drill Oil and Gas Wells PDF
Abdul Razak Ismail 16-20
Use of Condensate Combined with Hydrocking Palm Oil Products for Improving The Quality of Premium PDF
Muhammad Said 21-26
Biodiesel Production from Chicken Fat Using Tetrahydrofuran PDF
Falentina Fransiska 27-31
Effect of Reaction Temperature and Catalyst Concentration PDF
Wendi Wendi 32-37
Biodiesel Production from Chicken Fat Using PDF
Felicia Felicia 38-42
Improve Performance of Water-based Drilling Fluids PDF
Abdul Razak Ismail 43-47
Effect of Reaction Time and Molar Ratio of Alcohol to Beef Tallow PDF
Valentinoh Cuaca 48-53
Lipase in Enzymatic Palm Biodiesel Production PDF
Renita Manurung 54-57
Effect of Electrolytes and Microbial Culture toward Electricity Generation Utilizing Tempe Wastewater in Microbial Fuel Cell PDF
Tania Surya Utami 58-63
Making of Palm Oil into Biodiesel Catalyzed by CaO PDF
Rangga Septian 64-70
Deacidification of Fatty Oils using Anion Exchange Resin PDF
Fitri Hadiah 71-74
Catalytic Transfer-Hydrogenation of Fatty Oil PDF
Fitri Hadiah 75-79
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Zeolite using Clear Solution PDF
Syaifullah Muhammad 80-86
The Optimum Conditions of Fire Tube Boiler fuelled with PDF
Leily Nurul Komariah 87-91
Effects of Electrical Current, pH, and Electrolyte Addition on Hydrogen Production by Water Electrolysis PDF
Sri Haryati 92-96
Increasing Percentage of Methane (Ch4) from Biogas with Purification PDF
Abdullah Saleh 97-101


Recovery of Ammonia Solutions From PDF
Didiek Hari Nugroho 102-108
NOx and CO Emissions Of Rice Straw, Coconut Shell and Biobriket PDF
Muhammad Yerizam 118-122
THE RIGHT TO A GOOD AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: Problems Of Implementation In Indonesia. PDF
Ahmad Romsan 123-132
Fermentation of Glycerol from Biodiesel Waste to 1,3-Propanediol by Klebsiella Pneumoniae PDF
Jekky Bahagia 133-136
Spatial Analysis of Environmental Water Quality in Coal Stockpile PDF
Rusdianasari Bow 137-142
Fermentation of Glycerol from Biodiesel Waste to 1,3-Propanediol PDF
Dewi Anggraini 143-148
Characerization of Geochemical Waste Rock on Indicate and Mitigation Acid Mine Drainage at Coal Mining Bukit Asam PDF
Aida Syarif 149-152
Adsorption Studies of Methylene Blue and Methylene Red on Activated Carbon Derived from Agricultural waste: Rubber (Havea brasiliensis) Seed Powder PDF
Eko Ariyanto 153-157
The Analysis of The Effect of Deposition Time on TSS Content Level PDF
Neny Rochyani 158-164
Application of Activated Carbon and Natural Zeolite for Phosphate Removal from Laundry Wastewater PDF
Tuty Emilia Agustina 165-170
Conversion of Waste Oil into Fuel Oil : PDF
Tri Kurnia Dewi 171-175
Study of Physical Properties of Rocks and Acid Mine Drainage Potential at Banko Barat Tanjung Enim PDF
Siti Sailah 176-180
Properties of Magnetite-Chitin Composite as Materials PDF
Fahma Riyanti 181-185
The Effect of Retention Time and Initial Concentration of Ammonia on Biological Treatment for Reducing Ammonia Content in Wastewater PDF
Muhammad Faizal 186-190
The Utilization of Mixed Waste of Plastics, Tires, and Crude Palm Oil (CPO) as Asphalt Alternatif PDF
Erwana Dewi 191-194
Study about Utilization of Used Oil by Ceramic Membrane PDF
Muhammad Hatta Dahlan 195-199
Fatigue Analysis of Al/Fly Ash Composite from Coal Waste PDF
Gustini Lukman 200-207