Vol 1, No 1 (2014)

Table of Contents


Preparation and Characterization NiMo/Zeolite Catalyst using Microwave Polyol Process Method for Synthesizing Renewable Diesel from Jathropa Oil PDF
Bambang Heru Susanto 1-7
The Use of a Jet Column with Different Nozzles as a Reactor for Biodiesel Reaction with Crude Palm Oil as Feedstock PDF
Dijan Supramono 8-15
The Application of Biodiesel as an Environmental Friendly Drilling Fluid to Drill Oil and Gas Wells PDF
Abdul Razak Ismail 16-20
Use of Condensate Combined with Hydrocking Palm Oil Products for Improving The Quality of Premium PDF
Muhammad Said 21-26
Biodiesel Production from Chicken Fat Using Tetrahydrofuran PDF
Falentina Fransiska 27-31
Effect of Reaction Temperature and Catalyst Concentration PDF
Wendi Wendi 32-37
Biodiesel Production from Chicken Fat Using PDF
Felicia Felicia 38-42
Improve Performance of Water-based Drilling Fluids PDF
Abdul Razak Ismail 43-47
Effect of Reaction Time and Molar Ratio of Alcohol to Beef Tallow PDF
Valentinoh Cuaca 48-53
Lipase in Enzymatic Palm Biodiesel Production PDF
Renita Manurung 54-57
Effect of Electrolytes and Microbial Culture toward Electricity Generation Utilizing Tempe Wastewater in Microbial Fuel Cell PDF
Tania Surya Utami 58-63
Making of Palm Oil into Biodiesel Catalyzed by CaO PDF
Rangga Septian 64-70
Deacidification of Fatty Oils using Anion Exchange Resin PDF
Fitri Hadiah 71-74
Catalytic Transfer-Hydrogenation of Fatty Oil PDF
Fitri Hadiah 75-79
Hydrothermal Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Zeolite using Clear Solution PDF
Syaifullah Muhammad 80-86
The Optimum Conditions of Fire Tube Boiler fuelled with PDF
Leily Nurul Komariah 87-91
Effects of Electrical Current, pH, and Electrolyte Addition on Hydrogen Production by Water Electrolysis PDF
Sri Haryati 92-96
Increasing Percentage of Methane (Ch4) from Biogas with Purification PDF
Abdullah Saleh 97-101


Recovery of Ammonia Solutions From PDF
Didiek Hari Nugroho 102-108
NOx and CO Emissions Of Rice Straw, Coconut Shell and Biobriket PDF
Muhammad Yerizam 118-122
THE RIGHT TO A GOOD AND HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: Problems Of Implementation In Indonesia. PDF
Ahmad Romsan 123-132
Fermentation of Glycerol from Biodiesel Waste to 1,3-Propanediol by Klebsiella Pneumoniae PDF
Jekky Bahagia 133-136
Spatial Analysis of Environmental Water Quality in Coal Stockpile PDF
Rusdianasari Bow 137-142
Fermentation of Glycerol from Biodiesel Waste to 1,3-Propanediol PDF
Dewi Anggraini 143-148
Characerization of Geochemical Waste Rock on Indicate and Mitigation Acid Mine Drainage at Coal Mining Bukit Asam PDF
Aida Syarif 149-152
Adsorption Studies of Methylene Blue and Methylene Red on Activated Carbon Derived from Agricultural waste: Rubber (Havea brasiliensis) Seed Powder PDF
Eko Ariyanto 153-157
The Analysis of The Effect of Deposition Time on TSS Content Level PDF
Neny Rochyani 158-164
Application of Activated Carbon and Natural Zeolite for Phosphate Removal from Laundry Wastewater PDF
Tuty Emilia Agustina 165-170
Conversion of Waste Oil into Fuel Oil : PDF
Tri Kurnia Dewi 171-175
Study of Physical Properties of Rocks and Acid Mine Drainage Potential at Banko Barat Tanjung Enim PDF
Siti Sailah 176-180
Properties of Magnetite-Chitin Composite as Materials PDF
Fahma Riyanti 181-185
The Effect of Retention Time and Initial Concentration of Ammonia on Biological Treatment for Reducing Ammonia Content in Wastewater PDF
Muhammad Faizal 186-190
The Utilization of Mixed Waste of Plastics, Tires, and Crude Palm Oil (CPO) as Asphalt Alternatif PDF
Erwana Dewi 191-194
Study about Utilization of Used Oil by Ceramic Membrane PDF
Muhammad Hatta Dahlan 195-199
Fatigue Analysis of Al/Fly Ash Composite from Coal Waste PDF
Gustini Lukman 200-207